Fishing Nets.

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| Cochin |

 Ajay Kontham Photography  © 2012

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  1. Hey that's .. ummm.. *thinks* *thinks hard* *thinks harder* *thinks hardest*. I will just say it prompted me to write something, seeing your pic.. So i already wrote it (couldn't wait for your permission, and what if you said no? :P). Though something else came in my mind, which i thought of writing, I ended up writing something else .. I hope, you didnt find it ..ummm weird ..

    bdw need i say it's good? I thought when i said it prompted me to write something, you already would have understood how much i liked it?

    1. Wow.
      This is the first time someone has used my photograph to write a prompt. I feel honored, in some way. :D

      Glad you liked it and prompted you to write something on it. :)

    2. This is the first time something nudged me to write seeing someone photography :) So you do deserve the honor :)

    3. That's Nice.
      Yeah, I am, indeed. :D