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I don't usually have a lot of visitors to this page. I started this as a collection of all my photographs. And I am quite irregular at it. I apologize for that. But instead of my irregularity and posting nothing fascinating at most times, I am still awarded. And a Big Thanks to the author of Sour Lemons and Tequila : Poems by Chhavi Vatwani , for nominating me with this Liebster Blog Award. Thanks a Lot. 

So, I have to answer some of the questions : 

1 . What made you start your blog?
Ans : Well, I am an amateur photographer. I just wanted to showcase my photos, that I have taken so far. So, I ended up with this blog.

2. What does this award mean to you?
Ans : Everything! It is something that appreciates what I have been posting here. Though, I have been too irregular these for which I apologize. So, this award means a kick-start for again getting serious about posting and being too regular on this blog.

3 . What is your favourite candy?
Ans : Anything and everything that had chocolate. But if I am told to pick one, I would pick...hmm.. Every candy to the last candy available.

4. What do you read? Your favourite book?
Ans :  Novel - Fictional, Scientific Fiction, Related stuff. Alchemist. 

5 . Link and/or photo of the perfume you currently wear.
Ans : Denver Black Code. It is more like a deodorant. Guess its acceptable, right? 

6 . A sweet happy memory from your childhood.
Ans : My childhood is filled with many such memories and picking up one is kinda difficult. That said, the moment when I had boarded the Helicopter when I was like 3 years old. 

7 . Four favourite poetry/blogging communities/hubs you visit often.
And : a. IndiBlogger  b. WriteUpCafe  c. Blogadda  d. 20SomethingBlogger

8 . A childhood dream that you'd like to accomplish.
Ans : Well, thats a lame one. - To be a SuperHero. 

9 . Your life is going to become a script for a movie. Who would you like to play you?
And : That movie is going to be the world best FLOP movie ever in the history of World Television. 

10 . Book or a movie?
Ans : Both. 

11 . You get to become a villain for a day from a Disney movie. Which villain would you be?!
Ans : I am cut out to be a superhero. That villain thing is not my kind of book. So, I'd respectfully reject the offer. :D

11 Nomination of Bloggers : 

So, some of the deserving bloggers are : 

a. Waking Moments by Ruya Preetika.
b. * TaLk-SicK! Dark Angel! * by *Dark Angel*
c. Journey of Dreams by a dreamygal
d. Purple Assassin. by Purple Assassin
e. Tales of her and by her. by Blahblaholic ♥ © 
f. PINECONE STEW by Harry Goaz
g. In my words.... by Diwita
h. RED HANDED by Red Handed

11 Questions for the Nominated Bloggers : 

1. How did you end up with your Blog Name?  I meant *start up with....
2. Favorite TV Series?
3. What makes you write ? 
4. Meaning of your name ?
5. Between Truth and Dare , which choice would you go with ?
6. Favorite Word/Phrase that you use almost every-time... when pissed/angry/likewise?
7. If you could be anyone in this world, whom would you be? 
8. Favorite Fictional Character? 
9. Craziest thing you have ever done? 
10.  One word for my blog. [ Note : Insane, Stupid, Wth? , bla bla have already been used. So, pick up something Nice, plz, plz, plz, plz.... :D ]
11. If ever there is a chance to meet the author behind this blog, would you meet ? [Plz say Yes! for my satisfaction at least... #JustKiddin' :P] So ? 

Take Care and Keep Writing. 
- Ajay Kontham © 2013

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  1. Superhero? Ahem Ahem :P Well, you are, at least in words (read writing and photography) :) So dream is realized, well almost, right? :)

    Good to know more from you, especially from a shy and silent friend :) Seems like words only can reveal you :)

    Oh bdw forgot to tell, CONGRATULATIONS :):) and thanks for awarding me :) Will take it up wiht all grace :)

    1. Yeah, Fantasies, Unfulfilled .
      I ain't no Superhero in writing or photography as well. :/ But Thanks for considering me one.

      Oh, these words! I should be more careful from now on. :P

      Thank You. And Congratulations to you too. :)

    Thankyou soo very much for the award!!! Feels good to know your blog is liked. Congrats for winning it urself too!

  3. Hahaa, it was great to know a little bit about you, and well your lame dream is kinda cool ya!
    Will do the needful asap, thanks :)

    1. It is cool? Thanks. :P

      Take your time. :)
      You are welcome. :)